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Fake Two Piece Top Weekend Outfit #79

I can't wait for CNY Holiday!! In the meantime, I feel reluctant to blog and working too! To kickstart my week, I decide to start my weekend outfit post with two different ways of pairing with my favorite fake two piece top. I have been wearing this top for few times and the top is really comfy to wear. In this post, I'm showing you guys 2 outfits that I been wearing with the same top but in two different styles. Since I've been growing my hair, both of the looks give different vibes too!

For the first look, it was more to cooler and swag look. Just grab one of my favorite short pants and boots to create this look. I even wear my plastic chain drop earrings to accessories the entire look! It was indeed a super comfy and casual look with short pants and boots.

The top comes in fake two-piece design, which it was actually one top but it creates an illusion of a two piece top. With the inner black sleeveless and outer is two different matching color too. The top has really nice detail, such as the inner zip and the different material of the outer top. The color matching is so nice and swags too! Even the material is really good and thick too.

My short pant is really comfy and I can't believe that it matches so well with the top. It was not too short and able to elongates my entire look. As for my boots, it was always my favorite and my one and only black boots! Swag and Cool as per usual.

Close details of my look. 

Outfit Details

Top and Bottom | Taobao

So for my second look, it was more to feminine and girlish look as my hair has become longer and I decided to wear with my favorite leather skirt too. 

I realize that on my skirt, there's this ring metal zip same as my top zip too! It makes both this pairing a perfect match! 

To elongate my look, I too pair it with my favorite black platforms! This entire look is more suitable for a date out and girl day out too. I can't believe that this top can be either swag or girlish style, it totally becomes one of my favorite tops now!

Since I and Nicole got this same top together! I decided to plan the same outfit date with her and we did a few shots together. I love her pairing too with floral bottom and sandals!

Some of our posey shot! With the platform that I am wearing, I even look taller than her. 

Outfit Details

Top and Bottom | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao

Hope you like both the styles I match with my top! I been crazy over this kind of fake two-piece top and added few similar design to my cart too. Can't wait to style more this kind of top in the future.

Till Then.

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