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Rainbow Eye Look Face of The Month

Time to follow up with my Face of the Month. Due to my busy schedule in October, I didn't manage to try out some Halloween makeup too. I really hope that one day I could actually try out some scary makeup during Halloween. Today look was kinda fancy and suitable for Halloween celebration too!

I have been eyeing this eye look on Instagram from one of my favorite makeup gurus too! Finally, manage to squeeze some time to play with this Rainbow eye makeup look which I really love.

Let's start off with the eye corner color which I use my She Palette from Colourpop, a rose gold shimmer color. This is the highlighted color to highlight your entire eye makeup look.

Choose a striking vibrant hot pink color to be the second transition color on your eyelid. I never try so vibrant hot pink color before on my lids!

So if you are afraid the outcome of the color will be really messy, just start with a few dab and try to see how's the color outcome will look on your eyelid.

The third transition color I choose between the violet and the purple color using my Makeup Geek Palette from In case I need a darker shade of purple, therefore I mix both the purplish color together.

So now we continue the rainbow color transition on my under eyelid with a darker blue. The light blue color as the transition color from dark blue to the rose gold color that I start with.

Orange color to give some pop onto your crease. You can blend the orange color on the crease to blur out the harsh line of the color on the eyelid.

The final look of all the colors on my eyes. The colors look so harmony when it blends out together and all the colors compliment each other too. I was really impressed and love the outcome of this rainbow eye look.

Complete this look with eyeliner and mascara on!

Since I got myself this lavender shade lip liquid from My Little Pony Collection from Colourpop. Doesn't mind to also pop out this entire look since my whole eye look literally comes in so many colorful colors!

Spice up the look again with my favorite coral shade lipstick from Laneige duotone lipstick.

And I love it! The coral shade is so vibrant and gives this entire looks so much energy and happiness too.

A close look at my rainbow eye makeup look. So pretty and I might just wear this out again when I go on a date! Everyone will be surely be staring at your rainbow eye look when they see it.

Gradient lip looks!

Look at the shine on my face! It was the highlight that I apply on my face that gives this amazing shines when it hit the light. Thanks for reading on how I create this rainbow eye look for this Face of the Month series. Looking forward to challenge more look! If you have any look that you want to see to try, just drop a comment below.  I might pick one and try it out for my next Face of the Month.

Till Then.

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