My First ever Songkran Festival at Stratosphere, First Avenue

Friday, April 21, 2017

The biggest PJ's Songkran take place in Stratosphere at the Roof last Sunday! With the best local lineups for hip hop, reggae, funk, garage, deep progressive house & EDM in da house, what's more fun than all the party and music. We also get to enjoy ourselves for Water Balloons war, Battle Ground, Beer Pong, and Bongzilla, Watergun fight, not only that they served BBQ and food too.

By the way, this is my first time joining though, pretty excited with swimwear changed and towel prepared too. Follow me through the journey of the PJ's  BIGGEST Songkran Festival! Be ready to get wet and have fun. 

Photo of us before we get wet. Photo pose with a small water gun but good enough to kill people.

The weather was not too good on the evening itself, it started to rain at around 5 pm to 5:30 pm and drizzling until 6 pm. So well you can see the sky are cloudy and gloomy upon starting. Talk about Songkran and Water Gun, Raining day just got us even more excited!

But I believe it doesn't stop our fun ya since we already prepare to get wet the whole night! The rain just got us warm up for this Songkran Festival.

Buckets and buckets of water prepare for all the participants to fill up their water gun. I can't even go near to this place because you might just get wet even before you filling up your water gun. I just keep pushing my boyfriend to do it for me and he ended up getting wet every time haha!

My all black outfit for Songkran! Just to safe and conservative enough. We also decided to get a bigger water gun from the registration counter.

Sexy girl!

Crowds are started to warm up under the rain and water.

Another thing I definitely want to give a thumbs up are the view at Stratosphere is super freaking amazing! You can just basically have a 360-degree view of PJ and from a far, you can see the KLCC view too. It was my first to enjoy this kind of night view especially in PJ, definitely a cool place to visit and with Songkran happening here is a double bonus reason to be here!

Loving the sky from Stratosphere!

Yes! I manage to watch my first sunset view too. The sunset view is definitely breathtaking and amazing. Although the time I watch was the time the sun almost gone from my eyes, but I will definitely record this moment forever. 

Even us staying in the dry zone, everyone is still having fun with water and water gun!

Music and Dance floor where the DJ's and everyone is enjoying themselves partying and dancing!

My first Songkran was pretty ups and downs. The raining weather might have ruined my expectation for a while however this is just where the fun started. Spoiled water gun half way also didn't stop us from water fighting, I mean there are a lot of things can hold water right, haha! Just make sure you don't fall sick and keep hydrated during the whole event. 

Lastly, just want to share out a video create by one of my friends. Just wanted to let you guys experience and see the live shots from Songkran Festival! I believe that Video speaks louder than Photos, Cheers!

Video credits to Eddy Rush Fatboy Production

Till Then
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