Comfy and Colorful KORNNA Shoes now at My Town!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Here's some great news for all of my readers, KORNNA Malaysia has officially opened their latest counter at Parkson, MyTown Shopping Center on 8 April 2017. 

‘Making Feet, Hip & Happy.’ KORNNA is the new icon of casual footwear for the young and young at heart. Every color and style are born from the passion of our designers to express your personality, mood, and attitude. 

Upon seeing all the colorful shoes, I immediately fall in love with it! Colorful shoes make me feel happy, what more when I wear the shoes the comfiness that I really enjoy too!

Made with superior EVA compound that rivals some of the most renowned casual shoemakers in the world, KORNNA shoes give your feet a surreal feel of ultra lightness, softness, and comfort that put a spring in your step. With a price tag that fits your budget right, it is no surprise that KORNNA is now easily seen in the stores and streets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and soon around the globe. 

When it's time to style up, start from your feet. Slip into a pair of KORNNA and step up in style.

I manage to pick my favorite color Harmony series women shoes which are pink color! The color which is really sweet and cute. They offer a lot of sweet and bright colors which I believe that you can definitely find one that you love.

I believe that all of you guys struggling wearing slippers with easy snap rubber or even slippers base that are getting thinner and thinner.

 A good slipper needs to be at least comfortable to wear, long lasting and affordable too. In KORNNA, it helps us to overcome all these issues, durable EVA rubber which is not easy snap and get back to shape no matter how hard you stretch it, and even the base that you can wear for 2-3 years without needed to invest a high budget slippers anymore.

I even like that it was so traveling friendly that you can fold and keep it as for minimizing space that you want too!

Allan Phoon, the founder of KORNNA Malaysia.

Their sizes are quite limited which are from size 5 to size 8 and above. There are also many colors range for you to choose, from office matching shoes to casual shoes. 

Surprisingly men's wear design are damn stylish too! Hopefully, they come out more design and sizes too.

This design is so freaking cute as they have this soft pastel tone which definitely melts my hearts. Sizes for this shoes will definitely smaller and suitable for Asia's leg.

At KORNNA, they offer a wide range of shoe selection. Mostly was meant for young women to middle age women, there is also guy wear selection where they will come out more design and color soon! 

Their latest collection surely will be a perfect Mother's Day present for your mom, because is the type of aunties' shoes which definitely suitable for your mom. 

Some of the chio glasses from KORNNA!

You can definitely find one of your liking among the shoes from KORNNA Malaysia! With affordable price range, you are able to enjoy the superior comfy level of wearing the shoes and you have no issues of styling your outfit with KORNNA shoes because they are so many ranges of stylish and colorful design to choose! 

I always find myself hard to look for a nice and comfy for myself, since I have wider front leg part. The comfiness is always the one I always take note on! While wearing my KORNNA shoes for consecutive 2 days, I am definitely able to enjoy the maximum comfiness and the EVA quality that made for KORNNA. 

Definitely, the best kind of shoe investment I had in my life because of KORNNA~

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  1. OMG! I love it, its so colorful and cheerful. Going to check it out this weekend.


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