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Thai + Japanese Fusion Cusine @ SANOOOK Pavilion

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Been to Sanoook Pavilion last month and really enjoy myself here especially love they comes in Thai and Japanese Cuisine which you can satisfy both of your craving for this both cuisine. Sanoook Pavilion located at the Pavilion Elite where you can easily located this restaurant when you reach the new foodie place at Pavilion Elite.

Since I love both of the cuisines, I enjoyed myself very much and decide to bring my love here. Because he can't eat too spicy Thai food but in Sanoook now we can enjoy Japanese Cuisine food here too!

Make Your Own Sushi Roll and Soft Serve @ Okonomi, Publika KL

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow friends and readers! It the time of the year to receive Ang pow from relatives and time of gathering with all the relatives at grandma house. I can't believe that it will be my last year receiving Ang pows. Can't be thinking too much on this as I will giving away my wedding card invitation to my relatives too.

Back to today post is about SUSHI ROLLS which I had myself enjoy very much at OKONOMI, it was one of my favorite sushi place to hang out whenever I visit Publika. Not only that they have sushi roll which highly recommends but their matcha here was really famous too. Sushi and Matcha is one of the must food whenever you are at OKONOMI.

Monochrome Weekend Outfit #42

Friday, January 27, 2017

Yay to a Monochrome outfit to kick start my Chinese New Year mood. Monochrome outfit never fails or outdated too. I wear this outfit during the Pablo Matcha Launch at One Utama. Recently I bought a lot of off shoulder top recently and this is one of my favorite of all. I buy this during 11.11 and received it after more than a month later.

Finally, I am able to wear this! Stripes monochromes are always the classic choice and it never grows old fashion but is the one and important basics that everyone needs it!

Magi Planet Popcorn Studio - RM10 DISCOUNT OFF!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ohai time for a break about Popcorn from Magi Popcorn! It was my first time trying out this popcorn, I am not quite a popcorn person. I don't eat popcorn when I go cinema because the portion was too much for me and I can't finish it even the movie end.

However, now we can buy our favorite popcorn and enjoy it every day at home. You can eat whenever we want, we like and where too! I manage to get this 8 packs Magi Popcorn with a total of 4 different flavors to eat it at home.

Chinese New Year Hearty Feast @ KungFu Steam Seafood Puchong

Monday, January 23, 2017

Time for a Chinese New Year dinner with family and relatives! I can't believe how fast time past and we have less than a week till Chinese New Year. Have you planned out your family dinner? Would love have something that not too heavy but is sumptuous and hearty for the whole family including elders? 

Today I will blog about a really nice and cozy restaurant at Puchong that is KungFu Steam Seafood. It was my first-time visit this restaurant, but I already loving the place and the food they serve. 

Chinese New Year Poon Choi + Crab Feast @ Restaurant Tak Fok

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hello people time for some foodie post to introduce to all of you! I got to eat crab and Chinese Poon Choi too. Since Chinese New Year is coming, is time to plan a family dinner together with your family. I never get tired of gathering but all the calories we earn after eating is one of the frustration problems.

Time to exercise more and eat less after Chinese New Year. Gonna wish all of you advance Chinese New Year. Read on to see all my yummy food photos!

Cold Shoulder Dress Weekend Outfit #41

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gonna make some time for my weekend outfit post. Today look will be a really simple one piece cold shoulder dress that I bought from one facebook online clothes store. The price is pretty reasonable for me and I bought total 3 outfits from there too! I wanted to keep it for my CNY outfit. Hope that I can wear and update you guys soon!

Today photo is taken at Publika and feels so happy to able to enjoy my favorite Okonomi Sushi Roll as well. Stay tuned on my blog will share my favorite dishes from Okonomi soon.

Markets 21 on 14th and 15th January @ Jaya One

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hey guys, I am back for more Markets 21 news! I am so happy to be able to visit the first markets in 2017. As usual, I have so much fun shopping, eating and enjoying myself in this Markets 21. Since Markets 21 happen before CNY, is the best time to shop for CNY outfit too.

They have more than 80 vendors so that make sure you grab your favorite pieces for this CNY! Also, you can get 20% for all your haul in Markets 21 whenever you buy from Shopee. This somehow drives me to shop a lot in Markets 21.

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

Monday, January 16, 2017

Back to beauty post in my blog, it's been a while since I introduce beauty products in my blog. Today I will need to introduce this KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic in my post. Have you ever stain your lipstick all over the place? I have this experience of staining my lipstick when I eat or drink, which makes me quite uncomfortable when I was enjoying my drink and my food.

I can't believe that KOSÉ actually comes out with this magic lip gel which actually helps to lock the lipstick color and prevent lip stain all over the place. I need to introduce this magic lip gel will surely surprise you!

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park @ Japan

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hello, peeps today will start my last Sakura post in Tokyo, I can't believe is like a year ago I visit Japan for cherry blossom. Although I am not going back this year and will less travel because I am in preparation for something big! But I will continue to count the blessing I receive throughout the year, and continue to live the fullest in the year 2017.

The happiest things in 2016 are being traveled to Japan for cherry blossom and being proposed.

Markets 21 @ Jaya One is back in 2017!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Markets 21 is back this time! I am pretty happy that Markets is back that's mean I can do more shopping there for my CNY Outfit. Markets 21 is the first Markets in 2017 and it gonna be bigger than before! Feeling so broke lately.

This time we have more than 80 Vendors join Markets 21, from Food, Fashion, Accessories, and other fun and unique stuff can be found here at Markets 21! I used to visit previous Markets and each time it just causes a hole in my wallet because I tend to shop a lot at Markets!

PABLO Matcha Launch at 11th January 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ohai I guess you must have know that I have been to PABLO Matcha pre-launching with few of my fellow bloggers. When I first heard that PABLO is going to launch their Matcha Cheese tart, I was really happy and excited because I am a matcha lover. This is a great news for me too!

Too bad that this time the mini matcha cheese tart is not launched yet due to shipment issues. But fret not, because there is also few Matcha dessert launch following with matcha drinks too!

ARESA Beauté in Malaysia

Sunday, January 8, 2017

First of I want to Congrats on the launching of ARESA Beautée in Malaysia. They finally launch here in Malaysia. As you guys have noticed, in Malaysia there are not many Korea products found in the store. After ARESA Beauté launch here in Malaysia, they will gonna bring more K-beauty product to Sasa, Gemfive, Zalora and Lazada too! So now you don't need to worry but to get all your favorite K-beauty product in Malaysia.

They have this super grand launching party at Zouk, KL. It was my first time going to this new Zouk building. I was pretty excited and bring along my best friend along with her bf together.

BANNGKOK Street Food @ Danau Kota

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ohai!! Another busy week of work, I am glad that my work is back on track rather having system issues all the while. Although the workload is still heavy but compares to the peak time, this is considered much better already. Before 2017, I manage to clear my leave and plainly just eat, rest and sleep at home.

Manage to visit this newly open BANNGKOK Street food during one of my resting days, guess what this place was super near to my place. Not only that they serve really yummy Thai Food too! If you wanted to try some Authentic Thai Street food, make sure you visit BANNGKOK to enjoy yummy and delicious Thai Street Food.

Recap Highlight of 2016, Move on 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello everyone is the time of the year to review and recap the previous year! Although 2015 is not a good year for me as there's a lot of ups and downs happened during the year. However, I still believe and trust that everything will soon become better in the year of 2016. Eventually, I believe so and yes everything is better in my life! Although it was not perfect, I mean not everyone life is perfect, but I can say that 2016 is a pre-transition year for my next stage of life and 2017 is going to be something bigger!

Looking through my best nine photos of the year 2016 is all about me and food! I can see that I change a lot throughout the year 2016. I learn a lot of makeup, went to Japan one of my favorite countries, eat a lot of good food during the year and gain some weight along the journey too. Feeling so unmotivated to exercise too because of the busy life I am having right now. But still here's the recap of my 2016 moving on to 2017! 

Bleaching hair for the year of 2017 is another biggest challenge for me too!

Blue Set Weekend Outfit #40

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hey, peeps here's to my first post of 2017! I save this number 40 posts of my weekend outfit for my first post of the year. As usual, I will blog about some recaps on 2016 and truly a blessed year of 2016. Today photo is taken by beloved BFF Shin May at The Good Co! 

We had the Mushroom Soup and the Chia Feed bowl which are all vegan and really healthy meal to start our day too!

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