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[Review] Peri's Ink - #3 No Way

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Peri Pera has come out a new Lip series that is Peri's Ink that comes in 5 color. But in Malaysia there are are only 3 color available that is #1 It Lips, #3 No Way and #4 Oh My. I really love their name because I think it was a really exaggerate name, haha!

During Peri Ink Party I bought 1 of their best seller color that is #3 No Way Peri's Ink

Peri's Ink #3 No Way

The Cafe @ Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Saturday, June 27, 2015
Have you ever thought of in Royal Selangor there is this cafe that are like a hidden gen inside. Is not my first time went to their cafe but every time I go their meal never fail me. They serve big breakfast too in the morning and heard that their big breakfast was quite nice too. Hope to try it in the future.

Today I will be blogging about their lunch set meal in The Cafe at Royal Selangor. Not many people realize that there is this cafe inside, because Royal Selangor is one of the must visit place for tourist to come and visit. Royal Selangor is famous for their pewter art with customised design from customer or even designer. With over 250 skilled craftspeople and a 40-strong in-house design team, Royal Selangor have expanded the uses of pewter, exploring its many possibilities from children's gifts and wine accessories to personal accessories such as cufflinks and flashdrives. [Royal Selangor Website]

The café.

The Counter - Custom Built Burgers KL @ Dining Loft, Pavilion

Friday, June 26, 2015
Hi to my fellow friends, if you guys have follow me on the June of 18th is me and my boyfriend 3rd Year Anniversary. Since that day was fall on a weekdays, we plan to have a early celebration together. We didn't have a really fancy celebration instead we treat it like our normal dating day, go for a nice meal and movie.

We are here at The Counter - Custom Built Burgers at Pavilion. It was located at the Dining Loft. I am really curious since we are not first time at Dining Loft but The Counter never really stand out in there. Although both of us are not a fan of Burger but this Custom Built Burger have caught our attention. 

Peri's Ink Party @ Providence KL

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Hello lovelies, today will be blogging about Peri Pera Party at Providence KL. I been invited to go this event through email. Too bad when I check back was in my junk mail box the RSVP date already pass. But luckily one of my friend she got 2 invite passes through Vivi Malaysia and invited me to join. 

After work I straight headed to that place and only realize it was a dance club. I was so under dress as I always wear casual to work. I even wear my sport shoes and bring my working laptop. But nothing stop me from joining the party, it was really fun and a enjoyable night. It was my first time to really know and understand more about Peri Pera. The logo as the girl was really so adorable and chic.  

Peri's Ink Party
Date: 28 May 2015 
Time: 8pm - 10pm
Venue: Providence KL, The Intermark

Snoopy Central World + BIG C Market @ Bangkok, Thailand

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Hi guys, I been stopping my Thailand post for a month! So many things happen and I been delay post because I start to get busy by going events on weekends and spend more time on my new work. I been a bit lazy to update my Bangkok post. Please be patience as the 4th and 5th day of my Bangkok trip will be more a relaxing and shopping day! But I still feel that my shopping time is totally not enough, urgh. If I have the chance again, I hope to back Bangkok for a shopping trip.

This post will be have a lots of photos so just bear with me!

[FASHION] White Dress for Summer

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Hi my lovely friend, here my fashion post after the make over by Guardian. I really love the hair makeover. They give 4 choices of the hair style and my boyfriend has choose this romantic hair braid. At first because I was worry that my hair was short to do the hair braid but turn out it was really pretty and romantic. The make up is really light and since my dress is in all white mostly the blusher and lipstick is more to pink color. 

If you guys wanted to know more about how Guardian Make Over done their makeover on me feel free to click here.

Beauty in Action #GuardianMakeover @ Nu Sentral

Monday, June 15, 2015
Hi my friends, here a short post about Guardian Make Over I went on the 23th and 24th of May. Mostly the details you can watch from my video that I recorded. But I still will blog about it and how happening was the event is. The Makeover is applicable for all Malaysian. It was very easy to join their makeover just buy their selected beauty brand product and you can buy a RM10 Makeover ticket on 23th and 24th of may.

So I got 1 makeover ticket and decide to try their makeover. The event is really happening as I went there after lunch. You can hear the music playing loudly and there are emcee and dancers too. We got in the queue and the queue is really long. We nearly give up and many of them already queue for 2 hours and more. Guess how long we queue? LOL

There are many sales going on and I keep on shopping around because the price is really so cheap LOL!!! There are many buy 1 free 1 product going on. Sales and Discount on the make up product. 

B.bap Korean Food @ Nu Sentral

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Hi peeps, after a few fashion and beauty post last few days is time for some yummy post! Today post will be about food! Korean cuisine is always my favorite. Every time we go out either I will choose Korean or Japanese Cuisine. I just don't know why because I am not a fan of western food especially if you go cafe for dining they will either provides only dessert or spaghetti. 

I always love spicy food choices will be Thai food or Korea Food. As for Japanese I would love to have Salmon or Ramen. But if the food varieties have a lot of choices is not wrong to try also. I started to miss cafe hopping too. Any Good and Nice cafe recommends around KL area? Its been quite some time since I visit PJ area too. Should arrange 1 weekend and visit PJ area for shopping and do some cafe hopping.

[FASHION] Lookbook - Short Culottes Series

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Today will be a fashion post that is my favorite of all. After my first Lookbook video, I have created another Lookbook Video on my youtube channel too. I was really thankful for all your support for spending few minutes on my video. I am still a new youtuber and on progress learning how to edit and hope to learn new things too.

I am not a girl that fancy on expensive or branded cloths. After I have try the first time shopping at Taobao, I have literally addicted to shopping at Taobao already. Their clothes is so cheap and for quality wise you can always check on their comment. Because from there you can see the true quality of their cloths. 

I have bought 2 culottes from that same Taobao shop. It was love in first sight!! If you have follow me and read my fashion post, you will know I am a fan of comfortable cloths. How can I not love Culottes since the trend of culottes is coming back and their comfy is what I love too.

I film 4 outfit in this video because I bought 2 color of the culottes. Sky Blue is for a more casual look and recently I start to fall in love with sky blue and pink color. Hope to try a whole sky blue or pink outfit one day. Another color I choose is Dark Blue for a more formal look for school or work. 

Clio New Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Blogger Event & Review [VIDEO] @ Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid

Monday, June 8, 2015
Hi my lovelies, last month I been invited to join Clio New Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Blogger Event by Butterfly Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid. I was so happy and excited as I have not been in blogger event and finally I has the chance to join this beauty event. First time went to Muse by Watson, I was surprise by it space and how they have personalize a beauty counter and shop.

My selfie on the car.

[Review] IOPE Air Cushion XP & Blusher

Sunday, June 7, 2015
Hi to all my beautiful girls out there, another beauty post is up. It was my new love make up product of the month. Lately Air Cushion is so hit and many make up brand has launch their own air cushion foundation. If you wish to have a super flawless and natural like the Korean Artist you saw out there, you will surely have hear about Air Cushion Compact from Laneige and Iope. This two is one of the famous Air Cushion Compact in Korean. Not forget Innisfree has their own Air Cushion Foundation too! Even just lately, Clio Professional and Sulwhasoo has launch their own brand of Air Cushion Foundation. 

So how can you just not follow the trend by using Air Cushion Foundation? I has been searching for better Air Cushion Foundation for myself. I am still in the searching progress because I am a fan of Air Cushion Foundation. How can this little product affect me? You can know it by reading my post. 

[FASHION] - Purple

Friday, June 5, 2015
Hi my lovelies, have to stop polyvore for a while because of my busy working life. Today is a Saturday and finally can rest and enjoy the rest of my weekend. This week I didn't write many blog post because getting really lazy and tired once I reach home. But I will try my best and write it during weekend too. 

I hope you guys are not bored with my fashion collage using Polyvore. I find it quite useful and a fun websites to style whatever outfit you want and love! You can even add your own item into the set you wanted to collage, I find this quite interesting! Today I will introduce some of the fashion item at

Purple Dress Date

Mad About Coco @ Fahrenheit 88

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Hi lovelies, a food post is up and is about chocolate. Who is a chocolate lover? Yeah, ME! I always love sweet dessert and chocolate is one of my top favorite. Chocolate can always make someone mood to become happy and positive. Chocolate can be in bitter, sweet and mild taste. It can mix with all sorts of dessert because of its texture and taste. 

I have been heard about Mad About Coco for quite some time. Publika has one of their cafe too! But now you don't have to go far and enjoy their dessert. Just when I was shopping and hang out at Kl area and saw Mad About Coco was finally arrived at Fahrenheit88.

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