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Worthy Book @ FnB Edition 2014/2015

Saturday, November 29, 2014
Hi peeps, hows your weekend going on? As usual I'm still super super busy especially this whole week, haha! But I did enjoy with what I blogging , met with new friends and expand my social life. That's what I been wanting to do. I am really honor and thanks for the invite for the media invite and event. Feels great to be recognized and I will continue to blog better.

As you all can notice that I change my blog template already! I still can't believe how pretty and nice my blog look right now. I will blog about it soon about my new blog template ya, stay tuned!

Worthy Book - FnB Edition 2014/2015

Worthy book is s a food guide + voucher booklet that gives you RM '000s worth of meal discounts, deals and even freebies at some of Malaysia’s most popular F&B eateries – ideal for your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones!

It has total 180 food vouchers in a book! Worthy Book FnB edition features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Malaysia, e.g. Domino’s, Sushi Tei, Carl’s Jr, myBurgerLab, Sushi King, Papa John’s Pizza & more! All these voucher can be redeemed over 100 Shopping Malls across Malaysia.

How great that it looks like! I can't believe that Worthy Book got all these super deal and you save your money at 400 outlets nationwide. The offer is really amazing and attracting as some they have many restaurants that I never went and try before. It will be a great opportunities to try all these vouchers and they have many cuisine to choose and you can decide what to eat on your on mood on that day!

Metal Box @ Empire Damansara

Thursday, November 27, 2014
Hi peeps, being busy this week and a lots of events to go. I feel very full filling as well although it is very tiring. I still working during weekdays. Continue with our monthsary post, after a light tea break at Tous Les Jours we went Metal Box for our romantic dinner. Suppose we need to straight head here for dinner but their kitchen open only at 6pm. 

Tous Les Jours @ Empire Damansara

Monday, November 24, 2014
Hi peeps, hows your weekend spend? I am still working on weekends and keep thinking when can I stop working on weekends. Because have not been to church lately because of working. I work almost every week now and feel really exhausted. I still have 1 more weekend left to go and really hope time passes fast. 

Have some sweet dinner time on our monthsary 18th of November. I know I have not been posting about our monthsary post but due to my busy schedule we didn't went to any special dining place. Finally school holidays start, and we manage to celebrate our 29 months of goodness together! Can't wait for the next month 30th month together.

We went Empire Damansara for our little celebration for our monthsary. Tous Les Jours at Empire Damansara finally opened and the parking fee have to pay start from November 3rd.

Besides Tous Les Jours at WOLO, Bukit Bintang serve dine in food. You can order your food and dine in here too! They serve breakfast and some other food too.

Viva Circus Festival 2014 - Art is Power

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Hi my fellow readers, today will be blogging about some awesome event going on. Have you guys heard of circus before or maybe even went to a circus before? What is Circus meant to you, if you watch cartoons or old movies. You will notice that circus is just a performance by many entertainer and animal of cause!

Photo source from Google.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley, Megamall

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Hola, peeeoople! Gonna blog some super hit cafe these few days, will be this MAGNUM CAFE! I went here by coincidentally because last weekend. I was deciding on the Winter essential look and we can't decide on where we should have the shooting. Ended up we were at The Gardens because that was the mall that will be less crowded and easy for shooting. 

Just out of sudden during our dinner time, I asked about the Magnum Cafe because saw my facebook friend was posting photos about this cafe. My babe say this cafe is just located at Mid Valley. I was so excited and decided to visit the cafe after our dinner.

Magnum Cafe. Is their first outlet of Magnum Cafe is Malaysia. They have been open this cafe at other country, such as Indonesia.

[OOTD] Winter Essential with Aztec Knit Cardigan

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Hi peeps, another week of November is here. How's ya weekend? Finally free from my busy schedule but I still have my student competition in the end of November. Feeling frustrated when thing doesn't end the way that suppose to be. But I tried to be patience with my student. At first, I was thinking to have immediate improvement but when I start to cool down, you knew that everything need time to change. Its not like MAGIC poof and everything will be back to normal again.

Back to my post here, thanks project inspired me to write this winter essential post for winter. is a cool new online marketplace; they specialize in helping you buy discounted gift cards as well as sell your unwanted gift cards for cash! When I first got the email, I was a bit surprised because since living in Malaysia does not have Winter season. But Winter is always my favorite season and the season I wanted to enjoy. Let me show you guys how I make cooling winter in Malaysia.

My first Winter Essential will be Winter Knit Cardigan.

M.A.D! @ PV128

Friday, November 14, 2014
Hi Peeps, weekend is here soon. I am still busy as usual, recently mood was a bit bored and I don't know why. Work is still busy as usual and I have 1 more week to go till school holiday, YEAH! But that's not the start of my holiday, I have 1 month more to wait and to really enjoy my work. 2015 year will be more a hectic for us and babe told me that economy will be really worst since GST is going to start soon. Meaning I can't go for more online shopping already~~ 

Hey, but when life force us to the end of cliff, we still need to move and EAT too! haha!

Just finish a Korean Dessert Cafe at PV128, now is another new dining place at PV128. Hope that this place can continue grow and can have a lot new dining place to satisfied our taste bud.

M.A.D! stands for Modern Asian Diner.

Naked @ Sri Hartamas Shopping Mall

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Its gonna be weekend soon and Saturday will be my most busiest week! Hope the event can run smoothlyb and I can stay away from my work and start holiday. Today is another foodie post I went last few weeks with my church friends. It will be a really short food post today because the lighting in Naked is not very bright. Hence the food photo turns out to be dim and under light.

Now lets start, are you ready to be NAKED??

You will attracted by their super big and NAKED LED board.

Seoul Bing @ PV128

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Hi peeps, been a busy weekend last week. Mostly spend my time with my company training and hey I think I learn many things during this 2 days 1 night training. Hope I  can emphasis my learning through my work life, relationship and self growing in the future. I know changing is not happen in just 1 day but it need hard work and time.

Finally we have 1 Korean Dessert Cafe at my house area. We went to Seoul Bing once this dessert shop was opened. The place is really spacious with the see through glass wall surround. You can see it when you pass by PV128. Korean Dessert recently popular among the young people at Malaysians. Since we can't visit Korean that often, why don't we just try their dessert and imagine the Winter Sonata at Korean.

Wait this beep to light after we order at the cashier.

[OOTD] Forest Top x Leather

Saturday, November 8, 2014
Hola peeeeoople!! Gonna update my recent #sharonootd post. Every of the shooting is really fun and memorable for me. I get to try different outfit and styles. The photos today is really pretty and I love it alot. Thanks to my baby boy who helps me take these photos. He told me that this shooting can be our very own hobby because I love to dress up and be pretty and he love to take photos. This hence become our monthly activities that we can do together.

Today outfit post can say is one of my favorite shooting, because I always hope that I can shoot my outfit post like other fashion blogger such as Chloe Ting. She always have her outfit shoot at outdoor and the color is really sharp and nice. Today the background will be only trees and wall.

Miss Ellie Tea House @ Taman Melawati

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Yoohoo, blog about some really nice foodie again. Most of us should have heard before Miss Ellie Tea House, you can easily search online and I saw Miss Ellie Tea House up on the Time Out Magazine too! I never thought of Miss Ellie Tea House is just near my house area and I finally space out my weekend free time to come here. 

Miss Ellie Tea House is located at Taman Melawati area and not many people were aware of that Wangsa Maju have this really unique tea house. But the crowds is not joking because it was full house and packed with customer. It is recommend that you can call to ask whether there are empty tables to be served. But lucky us, we are still early and we got 1 table seats for 2.

Miss Ellie Tea House.

Taipei Taipei @ Publika

Monday, November 3, 2014
Yo peeps, its November already and we probably have less than 2 months time till Christmas is here and end our 2014! Being busy for November but still this week the post will all about food. Because will be really busy during weekend already. Sigh, but I got delayed some of the food post I dine last month. Will be update all about it this week.

Be prepare with full stomach if you are reading my food post. Today let's go Taiwan instead for some Taiwanese food, haha! But not now, instead you can try it at Taipei Taipei, Publika. Is still a new restaurant at Publika. I think Taipei Taipei really stand out among the shop because in Malaysia there are not much of Taiwan Restaurant as well. For me, I love Taiwan food, their 卤肉 minced pork rice and 鸡扒 chicken chop is really very special and delicious!

Start with my #sharonootd first xD

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