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How to Style Workshop by Twenty3

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Hi guys, going to write post about Twenty3 workshop I attend last few weeks. Sorry because lack of updates here because busy at work. This workshop I email to rsvp because they only choose 15 customer to join the workshop. I was quite excited when I received their email that I can go to this workshop. Saturday is a working day for me. The event start at 2pm to 3pm. I didn't manage to have my lunch instead went to Isetan market to buy some snack for my lunch. Thanks my darling for understanding. I know he always accompany to many of my blogger event. 

I took quite a lot of pictures and some videos of the workshop. I met Audrey on the way going to the workshop. She is wearing Twenty3 BridemaidsAudrey dress. Now only I know that Audrey dress is specially for petite girls who a small size in body. That's suit Audrey perfectly! If you a petite girl but having some difficulties to find some pretty dress for dinner you can try on Audrey dress here.

You will find this big poster and the workshop is just behind!

Pipit Zakka Store

Friday, April 25, 2014
A simple Post with Pipit Zakka photo. I went there on the 12th of April with my friend. I really love Zakka stuff a lot because is vintage, special handmade and unique in their own design. But designer work is usually quite pricey but it's depend on you to think that whether it is worth to buy or not. For me I usually go for cheap and vintage stuff also. I will try to minimize my money and at the mean time can buy a lots of stuff lol.

I love all those vintage stuff that Pipit Zakka always have. If you have read back my previous years post, that I always went to the Pipit Wonderful Market since 2010 to 2012. During 2013, they stop this Pipit wonderful market due to some problem which I forget why lol. You all can click to the link provided I went to the Pipit Wonderful Market. About the anniversary year of their market, I guess I a bit confused but never mind my title of the post. Because all the post is from my previous years the photos and the writing seem to be different. Hope you guys don't mind =D

Pipit Zakka has actually open few store around KL if you have seen their shop make sure you drop by and visit them! I went to Pipit Zakka Store which is located at Taman Connaught, Cheras. I know it's sound far from my house but I did manage to visit the store and thanks to my darling willing to drive all the way there. Is my first time visit here since their wonderful market, this time I went with Pamela and Chee Seng. I quite excited because its been a while since I visited Pipit Wonderful Market. The place is not very spacious but it does sell a lots of Zakka stuff. This Pipit Zakka Store is only open during Friday until Sunday only. This time they will open a month for Zakka Festival 2014 from 4th of April until 4th of May.


Hi lovely! Will blog about my fashion style using again. I stop designing my fashion there and once I start I can't stop it because it was quite addicting and the fashion inspiration will become so inspiring lol. haha! Guess what I design all these 4 collage yesterday until 12:30AM! I feel quite satisfied and wanted to share all these fashion collage with you guys. 

This time my fashion Collaboration will be Ipmart. Last month, I have start my collaboration with them. I am really sorry because I always delay their post on my blog. TT Please forgive me. But thanks to them I can have many Gadget tips to share to my readers and now. Who says Technology Gadget cannot goes with FASHION! I will prove that this theory is totally a mistake because nowadays many Fashionista do have many gadgets for themselves so that they can always update their fashion style with all their fans. Even as a blogger we must at least own a smart phone to always be updated in our social media platform. 

This time Ipmart will be featuring 4 IT gadgets from their websites with some fashion style. Let's just see how I add up spice of FASHION featuring all the 4 IT gadgets!

Dinner @ Rolling Rice & Crystal Korean BBQ

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Hi guys back to short food post here again. This time will blog about 1 special Korean BBQ restaurant located just near my house. Is my first time to this place and I wanted to share it to all my readers out there. We went here for our dinner because darling boy saw this Korean BBQ restaurant is still new around the area. Hence he brings me here for dinner. I was quite surprise and feel the uniqueness of this Korean BBQ restaurant. The environment is super relax and comfortable. 

What do you guys see this plate as? It was actually a Rolling Crystal for BBQ!! We were astonished about how the BBQ actually works. This rolling crystal is quite heavy and they just leave it there on each of the table for BBQ purpose. 

Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party @ Signature the Roof

Monday, April 21, 2014
Hi peeps, finally got the time to blogging here. I know I have not been update here because April is really a busy month for me. Its still haven't end yet and the responsible is getting bigger and bigger. I hope this feeling can gone because I don't like this feeling okay. Everyday busy work and paperwork until 5pm or 6pm only can back home. And my work still can't be done lol.

Sorry about all my ranting and I shall start my post about last weekend Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party at Signature, The Roof. I was very excited because it was my first time joining Nuffnang event. I am 1 of the 4 winner pick by Audrey Fourfeetnine!! Thanks to Audrey ~~ I guess I was lucky enough to be pick, haha!! Super happy and gan jeong for me because can't decide what to wear and have no idea of what's Neo Gal really ah. After know that I am the winner to get the pass to the event. I emailed Audrey and received email from Nuffnang on the Friday.

What's really worry me is the time of the event. Because that day I have training from 8am to 4pm. ( hate working on weekends) The venue and time change from pool to the roof lol. The event starts from 3:30pm and I have to leave early from work. Super rush and scare late to the event since I left at 3pm and need to doll up and get change lolol.

But I managed to reach there in time and invite my friend Valerie with me! I shall spam my blog post with lots of lots of photo that I took during the event.

Thanks Valerie for the photo. Me at the registration counter.

Mermaid Wavy Braid

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Hi peeps, a little short post about how my last 2 weekend spend and a lil bout my hairstyle photos. Kinda love my this my hair having this super cute mermaid wavy hairstyle. Now I think that wavy hairstyle can be in three ways, big wavy hair can be a more natural wavy look, and looks more elegant and classy. If a middle wavy look, for just bottom wavy only the look will be more mature look. If you do a mermaid wavy hair style, you more cute and a bit Korean look! xD

I still haven't try the big wavy hair style and I can't do it whole hair wavy also. Maybe can try it when my hair is longer like a bit!? haha I tried it when I got the time ya =D This time mermaid wavy is very very simple to do. Just the week before I tried to tie my hair to half side braid and when I let it off my hair become the mermaid cute wavy hair style. So when I get back home and tried to tied my hair to braid and sleep with it and the next day poof it became these super cute mermaid wavy hairstyle!! I was quite happy with the outcome because I really wanted to try and I personally think that this mermaid braid is super cute to resist!! 

I will show you more details of my mermaid braid and some selfies I take with my darling and friends!Serving Sunday again and not able to have my #sharonootd taken because wanted to wear our band Purple Ignition T-shirt that week, haha! But I did wear a super cute oxford shoes that I win it on the giveaway from Toptownshop!

My Spring with PINK and LILAC

Saturday, April 12, 2014
Hi all my lovely, another My Outfit #sharonootd post is here again! Didn't go anywhere during the last weekend because Saturday staying at home blogging about my last week event. Sunday is a serving Sunday, wearing my band shirt with my newly Daisy Oxford shoes from Toptownshop. But I have try a mermaid wavy style on that day also, maybe will slightly blog about my hair style on that Sunday =D

Since spring is finally here, I wanted to have Spring outfit to share to my readers! Actually I wanted to shoot it long time ago to join the Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party but really have no time to do the shooting due to busy weekend. When I ask my darling help me shoot on last weekend, we were a bit rush also because rushing out to dinner. Recently was super busy and stress with work, tired and stress together. Never been a relaxing weekend for me because busy work and have to wake up early. Hence I everyday also have to take nap after my work because body really can't stand the tiredness of work.

Since I can finally sleep until can wake up naturally so I think of blogging until late night. Since morning I can't always online at home. Hope you guys love my little spring outfit of my Sharon OOTD. I can't wait for the Neo Gal Party on this Sunday although I have work on that day really pathetic day for me. Hope I didn't late for the event because the time they move to 3:30pm and I work until 4:00pm == arghhhhhh

Acting Innocent look

Japanese Food @ Pasta Zanmai

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Hi all, finally a food post is up on my blog! This time will blog about food post from Pasta Zanmai. Have not been update about food post here on my blog because attend few event on the weekend. This food post actually been delayed few months, haha! I decided to post it up because I have been long time didn't been to a proper Japanese Restaurant lately. As you guys know that I been a Japanese food lover also. This time Imma gonna blog about Pasta Zanmai! I think everyone have heard Sushi Zanmai before and Pasta Zanmai is kinda new for us to try if you are a Pasta lover and Japanese food lover at the same time! haha

Since we are first time here, and this restaurant is famous for their pasta, I choose pasta for my first time try dish here! haha Let me slowly introduce the food at Pasta Zanmai ya.

I always always wanted to try soft shell crab so when I saw this on the menu. We ordered and try it, Soft Shell Crab no Mentaiko Tortilla Roll RM10 for half roll. The overall taste was okay but I think I wasn't really used to the taste. So I rank it 3/5.

Havaianas Summer Kit Giveaway @The Butterfly Project

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hola to my lovely readers, gonna blog about other event by The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers. This time there are having this awesome giveaway to 20 butterflies. What are they giving away this time?

Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise

Hi peeps, since I pamper myself with having a enjoyable manicure and pedicure session at Amante Nail Spa and Body. The next day I was happy to be invited to join Worthy Book event organizing by The Butterfly Project: The Beauty Blogger. It was my first join their event and I feel so happy and excited to attend their event! Since the Saturday I was working at Jalan Klang Lama just near Mid Valley and after finish my work I straight away headed to there. We have our lunch there and shopping until my session 4pm. I search for the location only knew that it was at The Gardens Mall, Level 5. I was still early when I reach there and saw Tammy and Caroline was there already! They give us worthy book voucher and led us to the counter.

The Ecoparadise , with their Japanese name.

Amante Nail Spa and Body

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Hi to all my lovely readers, was going to blog about my weekend that I spend quite luxury and pampering myself in a quite happy way. I enjoy many many good and benefit stuff through blogging. Feeling blessed that I was able to join The Butterfly Project : Beauty Bloggers event too! This Amante Nail Spa and Body I join their sharing event since January. There is just few simple steps to win a complimentary spa experience from them!

1. Download & share this picture on your wall and tag Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
2. The first 100 Amante fans who gets 20 shares on their picture will get a complimentary spa experience from Amante Nail Spa & Body Care.
3. PM us that you have completed your 20 shares!
4. Giveaway runs from now until 25th January, 2014

45 Mins @ Escape Dungeon

Hi peeps, went to Escape Dungeon last Sunday. It was actually our Anakainos outing from 6th of March postponed until 23rd of March. Since I saw Groupon having promotion about this Escape Dungeon was only RM15 per person. The price is quite acceptable and cheap for a game because normal Escape game cost RM30+ per person. At first was really thought is Escape Game but turns out is not lar, but never mind seems like everyone is having fun also! We booked the time is 1pm and after church services end. We reach SS15 around 12pm from Setapak. Luckily is still early we can still saw some empty parking for us.

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