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Birthday 2nd Day #lavender #rainieyang

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Its 29th today~
I'm still in Birthday mode
because I still left One present by my darling too
That is rainie yang concert ticket~
So after my work around 1:30pm
We back home and pack some cloths~
And went up to Genting Highlands~

We start our journey around 4pm
On the way to Genting,
Gothong Jaya
There have a strawberry farm that are super beautiful with LAVENDER
And myy bii saw many photographers went up there and shoot a LOTS of leng leng photo
So we decided to shot at there also ^6^
We reach Gothong Jaya around 4:20pm
In just 20 minutes journey to the half way of Genting =D

After a light make up in the car,
We prepare to SHOOT photo LOL
One small things happen too
Because I got bring a very cute and preettyy flower headband
I accidentally drop it NOWHERE
So its quite sad for my darling at first
Because he thought that hairband was so nice and suitable for today shooting =(
But some how this small little unhappy things pass
And we really have fun in this time shooting~
Because believe me
The flower will gonna STUN you!!!!

Ta dang~
Shot by my darling DSLR 60D ya ^6^

When I saw this, mood also can be very happy =)

22nd Birthday Surprise!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013
Hola peeeeps
Today is my birthday =D
Today is friday 28th of June
Went to work as usual
SO happy when they are two of my lovely student give me PRESENT!!
Later 4pm, after work back home and get change before went for a romantic dinner date xD
I got all my 4 present from my super darling~~~~

My #ootd
Actually inside have one small purple singlet that I cover with this cardigan xD
My #1st present Kitty with flower =D

Early birthday dinner celebration =D

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Today is 22nd of June
Still got 6 days till my birthday
But Today we went to celebrate dinner together with my family and my darling
He buy 4 buffet voucher from Groupon
So We fetch my mum at my own house
Preparing up myself with dress and make up
Fetching My brother at KLCC because he is working!!
We are having our dinner at The Zon Hotel
The hotel was quite hard to find because it was quite inside == LOL

Selca of the day #1

Day 3 & 4 Love at Phuket

Thursday, June 20, 2013
3rd day at Phuket, start to feel sad because the holiday at Phuket gonna end soon~ =(
Today 18th of June, It is actually me and darling 1st year anniversary =D In this special day, we really do something excited and very very CI KEK~ That is, we are out to sea today =DD LOL Actually I feel very normal and happy with today activities=) The van come to fetch us on time,in the mean time they fetch other ppl too~ The labor is actually quite far from Patong. We travel around 1 hour to reach that place, it is called AsiaMarina. We need to rent the leg fin when snorkelling and happy pill in case you feel like vomit when you re in boat xD

This is our driver of the day, he is very GENG~ I mean the way he drove the boat and hit the Big wave. The wave was super wavy but I sit infront, I mean just beside HIM~ hahaha. I was feeling super excited because the speedboat was up and low all the way ~haha. 

Day 2 Love at Phuket

Monday, June 17, 2013
ello all,
Back with the Day 2 in Phuket
We didn't went to tour or any far places
Instead we just rent a motorbike and ride around phuket
Myy biii still miss the blue sea
So we decided to went back to the blue sea again
Although near our place there is Patong beach
But bii say there not nice want go other beach

As we ride along the steep road

We saw a beautiful scene and we stop by

And we start to take photo like crazy LOL

Super blue ocean ~~

Lovely pose =) and shoot by my darling

Day 1 Love with Phuket

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Hello peepss
I'm back from Phuket since Wednesday Night
It been a wonderful honeymoon trip for me though xD
Although we was tired and exhausted
But this trip mean so much to me
beside for honey moon trip
It was a holiday trip for me as well =D
Since Singapore
Phuket is my second trip went overseas
We start our journey to KLIA around 3:40am
We just sleep for 4 hours and have to grab our luggage to the airport
Having a light breakfast at Airport
due to my throat and flu so No MCD for breakfast T___T
The journey to Phuket takes around 1 hour 25 minute

Aeroplane selca =)


Saturday, June 15, 2013
Want to blog a bit what I been through this whole week
Before I went to PHUKET
Its tomorrow~~
Can't wait
and gonna be so damn excited lol~!

This week I been having sore throat first
Then second come the FLU
It been a week My throat pain and
I still have to work
Luckily this week
School got General Knowledge Competition And Typing Competition
I no need to having class
Although some of the times need lar==
so I will shout a bit sometimes
So the sound was SEXY lol
Having some hard time using this voice to teach and scold 
Because throat will pain too
And flu
I like to have tissue besides me while eating
So when I am having flu
The tissue I usually use finish one whole box==
I kinda hate flu because the mucus thing will come out
from your throat and out to your nose==
the flu still continue
I stop eating medicine for two days
And eat the throat medicine
And the flu got Worsen
Until yesterday and the day before
I ate the flu medicine back
Eventually stop the flu larrr
Quite hard fighting with sick as you all know
Every night 
Need to eat medicine
Need to be on bed early
Need a lot of rest
Need a lot of water
But working need wake early
work nearly 12 hours liao
But the sleep I will go on bed either before 9am
Tomorrow will be a good condition
After 9:30am
Then will be a tired day for me
The working day keep me busy
Until Today I still need to wake early to work

Own Selca of my sick face
This was taken on friday
#Day #5 #sick


#2 Flu Flu flu~
Please go away~
Leave my nose forever >0<

Super love this selca~
Wearing white tube with Ladylike jacket
Maxi long blue skirt
Did you guys saw the blink of my ear ring~
*please ignore my background

Closer selca look
Tired face~

Today selca~
went to other school to Swipe and Robotics Course xD
#Day #6 #sick

Bii say I 不屑的脸

Love my shirt ya xD

Morning having hard time to wake up
then my blur face just Pop up ==

I actually try to smile just to look good in this photo
Don't want make you guys having heart attack after seeing this picto~

At last,
The people who suffer a lot too while I sick
Is my Honey BIIII lol
He keep take care of me and worry me
And of cause pray for me =)
Super sweet of him
I always love his kind heart and loving heart he has ~
I know he is tired too after work
Hence, he will come and accompany while I sick =D
Thank you bibi
I know you sayang me more than anything
Can't imagine life without YOU beside me =)

Happy Weekend At Pavilion

Monday, June 10, 2013
ello peeeepssss,
Its weekend again
Hope you guys won't feel bored if I always post weekend stuff xD
Did I!?

Delicious meal at Tappers =)
With My church friends ~

Allecia eating Vegetables ler xDD
So rare to see ya~
Starting to diet and have a healthy meal I guess??

After lunch At Tappers
Me and my darling boy went to pavilion
To search for things we need to use when we go to Phuket
My #outfit #of #the #day
White blouse from Supermodel Wardrobe
Leggings from Uniqlo
Shoes from Jelly Bunny

Couple Selca
Saw this big mirror At Farenheit 88
I saw the Accessories there super nice
So I choose some to buy liao xD
We went to search Bikini for ME!!
And this shot
My boy and me looks good on this PHOTO =D

Self  Selca #1

Couple Selca #3

Did we look alike?
Purposely put side by side de

Couple Selca #4

After a walk at Farenheit 88 and didn't saw the bikini I want
We went back to Pavilion
To check on Cotton On 
Actually we check First at Cotton On
Thought Farenheit 88 have better choices
but Some of the boutiques Also in renovate

The SUPERB Sport car just A level near Cotton on ^6^

The seat are all printed with this small red crown ^6^

The stering and gear interior ~

The Car name is MASTERITI
I think you all can go and have a look or go online search for more =D

The backside of the car view =D hehe

Later we went to Daiso to buy my stuff
And after shopping a while at Daiso
We saw outside there are many Line Doll Paper Board
So we just decided to pose and took photo xD

Peace pose #1

I think quite sampat de lor me xD #2

Sing K pose #3

Cycling and singing ^6^

Gao xiao~
I just mimic his leg~
Forget his mouth with 嘟嘴~ haha

Thinking hard oh~

I want pass this love letter to you my darling~

I buy A light bright green bikini top
and flower underwear
and one shirt for outer wear +D

We went to buy sunscreen and some stuff for our coming trip
Can't wait~!!!
Let's be excited with it ya ^0^

Ange & Joshua Thean Big Day

Saturday, June 8, 2013
I'm back
After the work trip to Morib with my students
Really having fun though
Although have to babysit them xD
And the two days is been a tiring day for us LOL
The run around activities
The sleep
The room
The food

So back to work with a tiring mood
And weekends are busy with activities as well
Saturday 8th June 2013
Is one of my church member wedding
I been attend wedding for the third time by this year
(just Half of the year only ler = =)
Actually I got work on that day de
But I just want to attend their wedding
So I take leave and went to Ange And Joshua Thean Wedding
Was late to Glad Tidings Church xD
Only we realize the time change from 10:30am to 10am LOL
Me and boiii reach there around 11am = =
Late 1 hour le

Selca #1 at car

Selca #2 with peace~

I 偷偷 took the fat hand photo again xD with my hand~

Time to wear the ring~
And declare them As WIFE and HUSBAND ^6^

My braid moutasche
I simply tie a small braid behind ^6^

The K King~
Our bro Justin Phua

Our first Couple Selca #1 #lovey

Our preeettty Bridemaids =)
Allecia HO~

From left to right : My darling, Mr Joshua Thean & Mrs Angeline Thean, Me and Allecia ^6^

Today the LENG zai and LENG lui~
Both they are so sweet and happy~

The flower decor along the benches ^6^

I stole of the flower for myself xDD
With #flower Selca #1

With flower selca #2

So the crowds was doing some noise when I came out with the flower = =
SO here Adrian learning Justin #smile #of #the #day

Another happy #couple ^6^

I look so pale = =
Wrong make up (gulp**)
My #outfit #of # the #day
#Blue dress
Shoe from Forever 21
Coach Bag

My Flower Boy~~
Super cute and nice smile he had =D

He holding the flower selca #3

Me holding The flower Selca 4#

Thats all for the morning session =D
After wedding and lunchies with church~
I didn't manage to take photo with them T_______T
Because me and darling eaten lunch earlier
Later we back home have a nap 
Get ready for dinner time ~!!

The wedding look book ~
Super look good ler
Love their wedding shot for the Church de
So romantic de lor =D

Me and Allecia- she without heels xD

With Allecia half body =)

Table of Guest ~

Interior main design~

Guest table near the Aquarium =D

The cute banner ~=)
Hand made tim ~

We having our tid bits before the wedding start oh~

Cheese Baked Rice ~

The VIP table for family~

The Yamseng table and cake =D

At first thought don't have our photo ==
Then When I saw this was soo cute and funny lo
My wan was normal normal la
But when I saw my darling de
I just can't stop laughing xDD
It was totally not him~
but can be his motivation =D

Me and Jess~

Jess and Johanna~

Me with Michelle Selca #1

Me with Michelle Selca #2

Me with Babe~

Pamie Dear with me =D

All our Leng Lui's photo xD
Looks so nice and fun =)

Toilet Selca #1
me front, Mich behind

Michelle and Stephanie

The guys~
COme on and show Your Kung-Fu Pose ~HAH!!
Actually got girls photo de
But not in my camera~
Forget ask them help to took also =p
Anyway Having fun with all the people~
happy that My boy and me can attend Ange & Joshua Thean Big Day Celebration =)

At last~
Our group Photo~
Look at my camera

A big congrats to Angeline & Joshua Thean
Hope you guys have a Blessed Marriage

*ps : Please do come and visit us ya ~


Song by Justin
Stand by Me =)

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