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Relaxation MASSAGING!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Hi peeps.. time for some relaxation time again with my dear darling. Its been a while I didn't went for a relaxing and massage since Phuket.  This day I suffer neck pain after wake up from bed and darling having back pain. Lol so is kinda suit us since we are having neck pain and back pain. Haha

I think is very important to go for a massage and relax yourself since we are all busy with the working life at KL. I always love and enjoy massage very much. Hehe

The  bathroom. Today massage will be 3 hours at Melissa Body Slimming and Spa. So we book the time from 5 to 8pm.

EJR 2013 + Hotspring trip

Sunday, November 24, 2013
hey peeps, its my blogging time again!! Today I will blog about my Tohor trip at Perak on the 17th November - 19th November. Why I am here!? As I mention before I went here half of it is because working trip and relax trip. But I think more on working than relax la! Babysitting wor! At first I thought got more student but just 17 student and 4 teachers, 1 tourist and 1 driver LOL. How ever, we are here for 3 days 2 nights! Gonna leave my baobei for 3 days~~~

The first night was not a good wan, we slept around 11:30pm, sharing bed somemore! I was the one who sleep first LOL. Student are having training until 11++pm even though they have to wake tomorrow 5:30am!? We went to UTP, the EJR stands for Eduspec Junior Robothon to have our National Competition.

Weekend food!! nom nom

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Oh noo, having my super late food post now. =P Sorry for the super super late post!! T_T cry* Because just went to Perak for My student EJuniorRobothon National Competition last Saturday. Basically It was a work trip because I have to take care student from other school de =P I just back from Perak this Monday and Tuesday until TODAY I just work non-stop. Every night I reach home I always feel extremely tired @.@ I some more go 3 hour massage yesterday! xD

Okay, stop all the ranting. Here to post a bout food again! Good food does not have to be at cafe but is a normal Retaurant too!! If your dish is DELICIOUS, customer will just come from anywhere just to taste the food!

The Country Pet Hotel @ Cat Cafe

Friday, November 15, 2013
It's FLYDAY today!! =D It's my last day at of school days, but instead I am not at my own school. Quite sad and disappoint too but no choice jo 

So I am still working until 3pm at other school but own school is having 特假. Never mind abit heavy feeling but I still manage to have relax time at school LOL. Back to topic, today will post about my adventure at The Country Pet Hotel =D No doubt, is a pet shop by the way. But there is just one super JENG thing about this pet shop that will attract you to this place!! I took a lot of photo on that evening and I felt so happy about the date with the pet and my darling~ This pet shop already opened for 2 years but the so call Cat Cafe just opened for 3 months only. How did I know about this place? Because I am a fan of Facebook, just so ngam I bump into some one facebook and saw they intro this cafe =D

Here start our super relaxing and sweet jounery with the CATS =D

[ADV] The Candy Skin

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hi guys, hows your day? School Holidays is coming soon xD This weekend will be away from KL. Students is having Robotics Competition at Perak. So I am joining a trip too, can say I am working and resting at the same time. Feel so sorry that darling is alone at KL T____T I know we will be missing each other~~ and 18  is just around the corner. Can't wait for this special day to come to continue LOVE YOU~~haha

Back to topic, I already mention that I gonna write a post about Thecandyskin make up product. I known this product from MelissaPoh and I actually look for eyeliner gel for quiet some time.So when I saw their websites also got sell, I just bought it home =D Guess what their product didn't fail me!! =D

Saturday Couple Coordinate - Blue Gradient

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
It's my first time writing post that are not about food neither our Pakthor date, but is the coordinate I wear! Actually I spend quite some time to think, should I be a fashion blogger too?? LOL But you know fashion blogger really require a lot of fashion tips and SERIOUSLY I don't have many fashion tips or fashion knowledge. But I will try and learn from other fashion or beauty blogger that I really admire, teehee =D I am in the stage of learning and trying to be a very awesome blogger!! LOL 

Since I am working now already, is quite hard for me to wear very fashionable to work because I am a teacher lol!! So usually during weekend go out with friends or even with my darling only I have the chance to really make up and wear really nice out =D 

Last saturday, we were planning to go Sunway Pyramid, and I tell my darling we should wear couple outfit~ haha We always wear couple outfit when we go Sunway Pyramid. Darling always kind of hesitated when I asked for it haha!! But we still happily wear it out and shai meng to other people =P I use make up product from Thecandyskin again~~ No doubt I really love their product a lot, and I find that using eyeliner brush and eyeliner gel really makes the eyeliner looks more rigid and long lasting =D

Vietnam Cuisune @ VINH city

Monday, November 11, 2013
Food blogging again! This time is not about Korean or Japan food already is Vietnam Cuisuine!! Is really random on which food or which restaurant we usually went. We usually went out to shopping or movie, if not we just stay home and rest. Place to eat is one of a tough question we have to face it every day LOL. Sometimes its still depends on where we hang out and we decide where we should eat!! Last Tuesday(Awal Muharam) we went to Sungai Wang, we shop for my cloths and handphone cases. We do bought some nice cloths and even shoes on that day!! Super happy, we also..I also wanted to sing K at WOW Kbox, but we just simply felt so tired we head back home after having a nice dinner =D

Selca of myself =D

Secret of BEE WON 秘苑

Friday, November 8, 2013
heyall, sorry back to food about KOREAN food again. Because I lovey Korean food as much as Japanese food so can eat their food as many times as possible xD Trololol Since Sunday we didn't dinner and lepak with my church friends instead we do it on Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday!! YEAH~~ We decided to went for Korean food at Ampang since the area was famous on Korean Village =D Justin recommend us on these Korean Dining, actually we there is one branch just at our area at Festival City.

We gather there at 8pm. We choose a place to sit on the floor.

Long lost sister, Stephanie is here!!

I city - 3D Trick Art Museum

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
hiii, gonna post about ma last weekend at I-city and Setia City Mall. I actually went to I-city for like the third time already. But this time I wanted to went to the 3D Art Museum  I been craving and asking my darling to bring me and finally we will went there by today!! Super excited LOL!! hahaha As usual since last Saturday is Deepavali I still working but I think student gone holiday or either forget mostly 90% of them are not coming to class today~ = = hmmm. So I left school early and we decided to head to Setia City Mall and today we gonna shopping for my darling cloths! hehe =D

Surawon BBQ @PV128

Monday, November 4, 2013
Quite some time didn't blog about food post!! Guess you guys must be hungry and craving food in my blog xD Okay, Today will be blog about KOREAN FOOD!! Guess I never fail to feel bored of having Korean food or Japanese food~ haha. Their food never fail to disappoint me with my taste bud! haha Here's one Korean Restaurant just near to my house. Since there are so many college students and new shop is coming at my housing area so that will be many good food waiting for me to go try ^-^ 

This is a new Korean Restaurant, Surawon BBQ just located behind PV128 if you are happen to be at Setapak. It's still a new shop I can't find their correct address though. When we first went inside this Korean dining, the design quite WOW us because the environment is so ambiance and relaxing .

The menu of the restaurant, Looks so classy and the menu is quite a thick wan!!

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