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其实 其实

halo 就想写一篇自己的东西 大家千万别被每个人的外表所骗 呵呵 虽然我的 外表看似软弱,其实很坚强 外表看似胆小,其实很勇敢 外表看似依赖,其实很独立 外表看似单独,其实喜欢热闹 外表看似可爱,其实想变成熟 ...

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新天生一对 新天生一对

今天要介绍一部让人开心又有让人流泪的电影^^ haha 就是新天生一对~ 昨晚刚刚看完 真的好看咯 而且从上次下一站,幸福 小小彬之后 现在看回~ 长大了 哈哈哈 和周渝民的互动也很好 大概介绍大纲 朱延平回归经典温馨喜剧、最...

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Robotics Robotics

  hihi~ My look in the Ktm.. hahaha  What with wearing glasses in ktm cuz wan slp and the sun outside was bright~ hehehehe I ...

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PC Fair

PC Fair PC Fair

Went to Pc Fair today=) With My babes~ hahahaha So I find that LUMIA Windows Phone also nice to use~~ hahaha My Target&...

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