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再一次心跳 再一次心跳

Now what~~ i just watch this trailer by today~ And was soooo thrilled~!! Both are my favorite actor~ Ulalalala~ hahahahhaa But th...

Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye Bye

hihihihi what is this can u guys guess?? hahaha Is my dentist appointment card! xD Today is my last day visit the dentist again T.T ...

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Work!! Work!!

My third interview is a Wedding shop at SS2 quite far geh place~@@ haiz~ SO is around 1 hour + journey with Lrt and Bus~ Hmmm hahaha T...

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Interview- Trend Image

Interview- Trend Image Interview- Trend Image

ulalalala~ Just finish my interview at Trend Image And I got the wrong time to go interview oso lol!!! “YU” dao~~~~ He say 十点半~ I hea...

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Work 2

Work 2 Work 2

时间真的是不留人啊 这几天轻松下来 真的很舒服 但是又不能一直这样下去 钱都不会来吖~ 原来diploma都有千八的薪水~ 不错的了 这几天在妈妈做工的学校 看到她忙到很多事情也忙不来 自己才打算去帮忙 然后妈妈也有介绍我那里的工作 教学生电脑 嗯.....

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Dream High II

Dream High II Dream High II

OMG recently I'm in a KOREAN FENG~~ @@ hahahahahahhaa Now is Dream high II Fever xD Nicey!! Now really into korean drama~ Cuz i a...

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拥抱太阳的月亮 moon embrace the sun

拥抱太阳的月亮 moon embrace the sun 拥抱太阳的月亮 moon embrace the sun

Super nice drama~ funny and touching~ watching till i laugh and cry** 人物介绍 Love them both~ Both so LENG ZAI and LENG LUI~~^6...

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My dream BOARD

My dream BOARD My dream BOARD

yoyo~ here my dream list for 2012~ hehehe I still not forget about the dream i wish last year~ just a small update ^6^ hehehehe Recen...

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Go kart experience =)) trista ask me go sepang go kart=)) Was super fun~ reach there around 1pm first time drive like slow== cuz scared...

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