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LYM Night

LYM Night LYM Night

Hey guys~~ Chill YA A photo about my Indian Look~~ wahahahaha Thx everyone for da LIKE from facebook Appreciate A lot~ haha...

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Dredd 2012

Dredd 2012 Dredd 2012

Oh My You guys sure will wonder what is the title that I am writing!? It Is actually 2012 science fiction action film directed by Pete Tra...

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Junior Robothon 2012

Junior Robothon 2012 Junior Robothon 2012

HEYA You guys sure wonder what is the meaning for my title hehehe Is actually a robotics competition You will nid to build a robo...

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Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

Hola I'm back kinda weird feel rite always on BLOG LOL Yesterday was a messy day for me Lost my HDD (I guess..STUPID!?) What'...

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九月 九月

华语 华语 啊 现在来来回回还是回到中华 就这样 工作还是一样忙碌!! 不要把电脑老师的工作想得太简单就好 SMALL CAMP即将来临~~~ INTENSIVE COURSE~~ JR 2012~~~~ 希望一切能够顺顺利利 加油 爱情呢~~ 很顺利...

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