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Cheers =)

Cheers =) Cheers =)

trying out whether my gif works for blog =P

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LYM Night

LYM Night LYM Night

Hey guys~~ Chill YA A photo about my Indian Look~~ wahahahaha Thx everyone for da LIKE from facebook Appreciate A lot~ haha...

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Dredd 2012

Dredd 2012 Dredd 2012

Oh My You guys sure will wonder what is the title that I am writing!? It Is actually 2012 science fiction action film directed by Pete Tra...

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Junior Robothon 2012

Junior Robothon 2012 Junior Robothon 2012

HEYA You guys sure wonder what is the meaning for my title hehehe Is actually a robotics competition You will nid to build a robo...

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Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

Hola I'm back kinda weird feel rite always on BLOG LOL Yesterday was a messy day for me Lost my HDD (I guess..STUPID!?) What'...

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九月 九月

华语 华语 啊 现在来来回回还是回到中华 就这样 工作还是一样忙碌!! 不要把电脑老师的工作想得太简单就好 SMALL CAMP即将来临~~~ INTENSIVE COURSE~~ JR 2012~~~~ 希望一切能够顺顺利利 加油 爱情呢~~ 很顺利...

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1st Month Anniversary

1st Month Anniversary 1st Month Anniversary

Happy 1st month~ Just like this We are safe working in same school and Pak Thor for the first month  LOL Super funny right!! At f...

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21st birthday

21st birthday 21st birthday

Yoyoyoyo~ Happy 21st to me MYSELF~~ LOL At last I'm 21 liao~ Waited for so long~ hahahahaha At last also old liao T^T T...

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June Surprise

June Surprise June Surprise

super lazy blog here!! lazy go on9 lazy watch drama 0.0!!! Beh Tahan to myself But June is full of SURPRISE~!! LOL Work surpri...

Brave the Movie

Brave the Movie Brave the Movie

HOlaaa Long time didn't been here and update my Movie Freaaak!! Lol cuz normally what couple will PAK-THor Doing d stuff is watch mo...

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SUNDAY Working

SUNDAY Working SUNDAY Working

hii first time using my new Windows Phone to write blog here hahaha sitting in lrt heading for training Ahhhh so sien Sunday oso have...

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