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Taiwan friend

Taiwan friend Taiwan friend

Yooo.. I will write few days in this one post 24.7.11 I meet 2 new friend this week Is from TAIWAN!!!!!!! They are actually Pastor Isia...

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Cleo Star Searched

Cleo Star Searched Cleo Star Searched

This year Cleo star search is coming to TARC finally Last year we also want to join the search but we didn't This year we finally got...

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Secret-Kgroup Secret-Kgroup

top: Han Sun Hwa 한선화 Position: Maknae, Vocal DOB: October 6, 1990 Height: 165cm Weight: 46kg Blood Type: B Hometown: Busan Favourite Artist...

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Snowman wish list

Snowman wish list Snowman wish list

Still having a busy life as usual Morning rushing my assignment and final year project Working in the evening The bos cut my working time...

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Slander!!! Slander!!!

Recently kena people say bad word about me== LOL SERIOUSLY!!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO TALK BAD ABOUT OTHERS d lo!!! Really cannot accept A ...

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Last Birthday Celebration

Last Birthday Celebration Last Birthday Celebration

My Last birthday celebration with 5 snow and one friend LOL I just recover from the food poisoning Sooooo I still need to becareful in e...

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