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Recently i was busy with my assignment and work ==
Seriously i didn't go work for 2 days
Because of the 3D assignment ahhhhhh
Some more I get stress also
Keep fan about money and college
But still I try to do my best to done my 3D chess
I skip saturday morning go to someone charity
And stay home from 8am to 12 something and do my chess
And can say I half done
Onli I go out SHOPPING
Until today I onli know my assignment Tuesday oni pass up
But I done finish jo
I go Jimmy tutorial class and he teaches us how do the board d
This my final chess set
Although this sem only got one subject but still need to becareful
Later who knows ahh
Good Luck to me yaa~
I still got one final year project ahhhh
Gayao Gayao LORRR


My final chess set in JPEG~~

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