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Exam 1 K.O ^^

Alarm 7am
but i wake up at 8am when my fren call me onli i quickly wake up~~

I'm finally finish my first exam paper!!
Moral dan etika~~
Not to say is hard but is easy for me la=)
I think it is mayb cuz i study so hard~
And do all the pass year question!!
hahahah xD
It reli do help me~
Make me more confident with my answer~
AH ceh!!!
And hor i wonder why pass year question all so hard d lor==
When i do think dou my head wan burst jo T^T
But exam wan just use moral sekular saja~
NO AGAMA at alll!!
No islam keluar pun~~~
And what can i say
Everyone say exam got what what~
better is lerr STUDY OWN ya^^

Next is the paper of art law==
headache subject cuz my lecturer pregnant~
She take mc for few weeks~
But also didn't come back teach us~~T^T
Later we teach by Mr. Harry but~~
I alwayz late to his class~
miss so many many classes of art law~~
And the lecture too~
so I'm kinda scare of this subject d!!
anyway I will continue to study hard for this subject as well!!

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