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Merry Christmas waaa

Merry Christmas waaa Merry Christmas waaa

Sing K twice at 1Utama neway ~~hehehehe SO a Happi Merry Merry Christmas to all xD So I'm having a happy christmas this year Du...

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朋友还是恋人 朋友还是恋人

很久没写华语的咯 哈哈哈 希望我的文章不会很差啦 嗯 突然很想写 你们觉得男女之间有真友谊吗? 哎呀~ 总觉得题目也怪怪的==哈哈 算了 最近和男生朋友走得很近== 几乎天天都见到 还向我说心事 哈哈哈 我常常在朋友当中都当听众 说真的朋友们都...

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Flowers and Bears

Flowers and Bears Flowers and Bears

Flowers~ I sell convocation flower the next week after i graduate ^^ hehehehhee And i become darker after a day of working TT My arm ar...

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My Convocation Day

My Convocation Day My Convocation Day

So today is my convocation day lalalalalalala I reach college at 8+am And I'm a bit late~ and left my id with my fren that are eatin...

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Tadika Graduation Day

Tadika Graduation Day Tadika Graduation Day

hmmmmm Very surprise day for me~~ Because hor today is saturday and I got trainin d Then night time Pamela ask me to be a photographer f...

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WorK lE$$

WorK lE$$ WorK lE$$

Lol.. A little bit of my work Recently working quite well Actually what are you guys working for? Mostly is for Money Because money can...

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Today is my DEAREST mum birthday And today is saturday also So I plan to go out with my mum But she don't want And I very emo d lorr...

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真心请按两次铃 真心请按两次铃

Recently watching this Taiwan drama hahahaha Quite nice to watch~ And cry through out 1 episode only~ hahaha And this little poster ...

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