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fourth time 4th

fourth time 4th fourth time 4th

Today is my fourth time going to the dentist to do my braces.. herm.. not really the fourth time.. Before I even put on my braces I been...

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一个人就好 一个人就好

认识了有两年多了 没见面又有半年那样了 是否当我们再见面的时候 也能一样微笑和对方握手吗 我想我不能 就算外表的我可以假装那样 但是内心的我是很痛苦的 毕竟你在我心里是最痛的回忆 你说我长情 是那样吗 可能吧 我很怀旧的 而你是在我生命里停得最久的路人...

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Mystic lrt

Mystic lrt Mystic lrt

herm..these are the photo that I take inside the lrt..haha.. I think it is very interesting.. I start to take photo because I saw beside m...

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1st Lunch Project

1st  Lunch Project 1st Lunch Project

Finally 2010 Lunch porject start today.. We need to reach church at 6:30am.. but I was late.. Nearly 8am only reach~ Hem..I was so tired...

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Susan open House

Susan open House Susan open House

today we went for open house at susan house~ I first time go.. haha.. i think 2day was quite busy for me because I was having survey in ...

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