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students~~ students~~

Today I am working too.. So I very early then wake up le lo.. I know that many people don't wan go to tuition so early morning d.. Bu...

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lazy+addicted+moody+chocolates~! lazy+addicted+moody+chocolates~!

ok.. Now I am still having holiday.. 2 weeks till CNY.. Each day.. Boring day.. I just online.. watch drama.. online game.. blogging...

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crystal ball

crystal ball crystal ball

Long time didn't uxe my camera.. Then I found this crystal stuff.. Then i try and took some the photo..ha~ feel safe inside the bo...

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开心大结局 开心大结局

海派甜心要 大结局 了.. 就在下个星期耶~ 真得好舍不得咯 我本人最喜欢杨丞琳的咯 超爱看她演得戏.. 真得有很佩服她.. 常常把戏里的角色 演得很棒! 演得很好! 而且什么样的角色都难不到她哟~ 呵呵 每次都一定追紧她演得戏咯.. 哈哈 她真得演得...

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okok.. Today I just been through a bad and moody day ba.. I went JJ with my mum d.. But I didn't buy anything.. Seem like things t...

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HAppy BirtHday TWin~

HAppy BirtHday TWin~ HAppy BirtHday TWin~

okok.. today is TWINS birthday~ hehehe.. Lorra and Lissa~~ 每年都会告诉她们我心里的肺腑之言的咯~ 哈哈 今年当然也不会例外咯 虽然我们说好要去唱k的~ 对不起咯.. 我一定会补回的 ...


爱你们哦~ 爱你们哦~

Me happy birthday to my dear lao po oh.. cuz wan sleep i wan early wish happy birthday to you..hee.. gambateh in study and...

Feeling Much better

Feeling Much better Feeling Much better

feeling better now oh.. hee.. yesterday i so scare that i wil pengsan or what.. cause feeling head damn heavy.. When ever i stand or sit...

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sick LE

sick LE sick LE

sick le here.. cham dou sei.. haiz.. also dunno why will sick mayb i jus stay home too long le ba.. wah.. when stand or sit.. c...


heahache heahache headache.. haiz... I just cant slp.. I dunno why.. Half sleep Half wake I just know I didn't get to sleep at all.. Now in...

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help me please..

help me please.. help me please..

erm...can someone teach me how to upload pic in blogspot? TTso cham...

first Time here

first Time here first Time here

halo~ new here,,, this is my other new blog.. why i choose here is because.. I myself also not sure.. I already had been ages didn'...

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Susan Birthday

Susan Birthday Susan Birthday

Hem.. today me and my bffs went to times square.. hee.. we really long tim din meet each other le oh.. First of all.. still got 3...

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