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Thursday, May 27, 2010
mOODY me~!
don't know why..
like something pressssssinggg my heart~
DAMN suffer~
No reason i having this kind of feeling~
SHYT lor..

college life
I GOT A TIMETABLE that end class at 8pm~~
dark dark outside==need back home alone meh
I somemore got work at night from 7:30pm-9:30pm ler~~
YEsterday I waited my mum for half an hour outside the guardhouse==
she damn late~
Continue to work~
morning 12-3:30pm
I am at Prima Setapak
Evening 4-8pm
I am at college~
Night 8-9:30pm
damn tired ler~

This is how my Thursday Gonna spend:-(


Ah dui~
The lecturer also didn't tell us ler...
Let us waste our time~

LAzy walk out to the bus stop~!
sweat all the way~
and I HATE ler
But my mum didn't want buy a car for me~
I know lar....
With now situation
My dad got a lot of burden on his shoulder~
hope to be RICH~
Money is important~!

D3s!g^ makes me CRAZY

What have i d these few days except go to college==
I rush my fashion design too~yo~
Morning class went there to learn..
Then whole evening I spend my time there..
Later night I work again~~==!!
Until 10pm only I reach home~
woosh==BUSY DOU SEI~!
Then I sleep at near 1AM~!wake up at 8am to on9~haiz~
I can't think of my life after i get my assignment and all~walAO~!
These are few things I do on my own guide by HER

Got one day nothing do~
I check her cloth~
See got what cloth I can do wan~
Only I got the design idea if not..
Because not all the cloth there she let me use ler==
that's why have to retHINk~!
below wan got an idea using blue pattern cloth and white cloth to do~
dunno why I like lace much==haha~

The stripe line cloth she din let me use~TT
and the ge zi ge zi cloths also~TT
the pattern and the color are so nice lerTT
right:..erm..the skirt use 3 different color combine gua~
3rd:light pink
4th:dark pink
5th:big red

the long jeans mayb below go do a jean VEST gua~haha~

I got one long unuse jeanSs~~
my mum ask go do a JEAN BAG==wah~
say easy do haRD meh~haha
Pokka cloth~i found~going to do a ribbon and stick on my hairband~haha

ADD ONS jean~



See the line i scratch out==it makes PATTERN~!
hard scratch out oso~
Add buttonss~!back oso got geh~hee

Cut short already~but not short like hot pants la~

actually if you see the real jeans~
the color are more dark blue and the white color is in the middle~

the after wan..
The color is more greenish~
the white color is into 2 lines==
until my hand also wan see blood~
scrub so long and scrub so hardTT
luckily result out is SO MUCH BETTER^^

I add button and sew a bit because the middle lace wan to come out already~

My yi yi say this white vest can pei the dress~
Just make this vest shorther~
She say if long then will make me shorter~

here how is look~

Add four blue button for each side~haha


Inti BEauty ExPo

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Went to beauty expo with pamela dear~
Gt to c a lots of beauty stuff~haha
ANd we spend money on it too==
Now oso pooR alreadY~sHYT~!
BUt there is quite fun~
We get a lot of free stuff==haha~
Free do hair stylIng~
free dO nail~
fRee draw cai hui on our hand~
Actually You do outside there can cost RM50 and above wan~
But what we do here free just MinOR thing~
Because after That when You wash iT~
we BEcome a Normal girl jor~
I quite like The stuff there~
But I got no $$~!!
the Facial Roduct make up things~
From other CoUntry wan~
They don't HAve shoP in MAlaysIA~
And during this fair things usuAlly got DISCOUNT~!
But i quite happy went to this FAir~
and Pamela has went there TWICE~!
But i didn't because NO MONEY LAR~
LAter we Still Got practICe at Euro Sense~
quite rush~
BAck home already 8:30pm~!!
And then I very ZI LIAN WAN~
keep take photo until 10 something only bath==haha
SAMPAT nia~~
tired lor==
leg pain~haha

the hair model dunno with who~xDD

ah pamela doing curl~

tatoo ler...

teacher niu er kang~

make up ma~FREE geh ma~?hee

BB creamsss~

nice photo~

clay mask nia~

the pink room where i done My FOC nail~
it was so preetyy and professionally done~!
done by a GUY ler...
I say I didn't done before ma~
so HE do a very nice nail for me..
My one nail i don for 30-40 min lo~hehe

the nail design~
I got take the nearer photo wan~
But after I take jor they say cannot take so I didn't post out lor~

My nail~

the acrylic nia~

my finish done nail~hehe

nice background~


the drawing body art is from TAIWAN~
taiwan girls are pretty~
And their slanks is quite different also~hehe


drawing on pamela hand~

my hand~i take these kind fof photo so difficult lor..
take the dslr using my LEFT HAND==
haha..luckily the effect quite good nia~

Design design And FASHION DESIGN~!

Friday, May 21, 2010
What I am doing these few dayss~!!!
YEar 2 sem 1 has start==
I am stayin home..
My mum also keep say me~
Until I sien~!
Recently I am interested in online shopping~
An when i saw all the cloths~o0o
I can't stop it~
And FINALLY i decide Why don'T I learN to do~
So i go learn design all and how to do cloTHs~
From my father 2nd wife~~
I can't wait To do a cloths~!!
BElow is The phoTo I have been draw for 2 days~~
And Now need learn draw the cloths le ba~~
I stiLL need Go there latER~!

I draw this for 2-3 hours==~hehe

This~i start to improved just draw few piece than ok le~hehe

I start to put on my design on them^^hee
the left wan~is the shirt that I want to do for myself~
But I don' like the ribbon ah~she added for me~hee

I also design for my BFF~!hehe
left:i modify a bit~take away the ribbon~
right: for my dear Lorra~a apple green dinner dress~

my design~==i think not very special la~haha
Just I like this kind of design ma~hehe

I wanted a jean vest ah~so i decide do my own la==hee~

Footprints Lunch Project

Monday, May 17, 2010
Here comes again~
The Footprints lunch project~
We have been held for 2 years till now~
This time lunch project you can say quite messy~
And many times we been scold by Auntie Grace..
She say this time she is very angry with us..
I am just a rice crew also kena marah lor...
Hey who the packing crew~!
But anyway the sales is good~haha
And there is still many rice left==
And we footprint just take and eat==
Some pack home too~
Ah dui~
Nobody pay~!?
me also==heherm..
And then I left early that time~!
Tired lor...
haiz~yesterday 12:30am sleep
Today 7 am wake up==
I went back at 2:00pm~
I know they clean up all later~!
Sorry guyss~hee...
Anyway below is the photo I took~
Just I took the photo also kena marah geh==because I just took photo wor==haiz~

The chicken~

Drinks~there are a few beatiful photo with pamela that i took~

This is how the chicken look before kena goreng~hehe

the rice packet~

the sauce chicken and tomyam~

the ice kacang~hee..first time we DO~!SUCCESS~!

The agar-agar~haha

The chicken that has been fried~yummy~!

Pamela and Sze min~dunno why the light like tat~==

The drinks~^^

ICe kacang~:-)

Putting the brown sugar~niCE and deliscious~^^

CUTE benidict ah~hee

He totally like to take photo wan~!Handsome sure when he turn big~

The line is long==haha~good!good~

Putting the sauce~

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