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4 Snow Visit

Today 5 snow go each other house bai nian~
Yesterday I didn't join them
Sorry girls~
I know they are angry~
But today I was free for you all~
At first they are coming to my house 11am~
But Jia Ern got some emergency then we chang da time to 2:30pm
But i know they come at 3pm wan la~
At first when they are here quite boring wan lo~
my house so small
ntg to see wan
Later they watch movie Princess and the frog~
I was quite enjoy~
But sleepy too~
Later we move on to Lorra and Lissa house at 5 something~
I was quite shocked when Jia Ern is driving~
Jealous with her
When I look myself just feel shameful only loTT
Later we play blackjack at Lorra house~
And we gamble with sweets only~
We play till so high until give up all the sweets to gamble==
Later we went for dinner at Happy Season~
The food there quite nice but expensive~
Erm the service there ok ok lor..
The waiter like blur blur wan==
And many young guys working there~
I was having fun~
Thank you You all~

The 4 snow~haha~
Look happy and enjoy~

da twins~haha~
One curly and straight hair~

Yes madam!haha

What you guys whispering

Lorra searching for cloths~haha

2 leng luis~
Susan and Jia Ern~

New type of playing blackjack~
In the middle is da sweets we gamble..
We put all in da middle~haha

the five star and da five snow~haha~

Lorra yam cha~haha~

the dishes~
quite nice but expensive~
==and many dishes don't have wan~
ah dui~

happy ending~

I think they all very 上镜 lo~
except for me:-(

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