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Happy Chinese New year & Happy Valentine~ is my recent photo..haha..
my fringes is short..
howcome~because I cut it myself..
kind of straight wan har..
now only I know I got talent to become hair stylist..xD..
I also xiu a bit my eyebrow..
Yup lor..
Chinese New Year is coming soon!Yes..
But it means holiday is going to over and I need to back college again~TT..
ok lar..I still lazy mah~..
So i can eat many stuff and getting angpow too now lar~~haha..
It is da time to have fun..haha..
I think I am going to visit friends too..
Got ang pow~
Seem like this year daa Chinese New Year I will be super duper busy wan lor==haha..
never Mind is good thing!haha..ok lar~
Luckily this year valentine and chinese new year is together~
It is good for people who are single cause won't feel lonely during that da haha..
but it is sad for people who are having lover lar..
hee..sorry ya..
But anyway Here to wish a blessing Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine to all the lovers around the world~
I was totally 4get that tommorrow is da chu xi ye lor~
i Thought was Sunday
sorry la~
So now I am busy posting my blog here...
Been post photo for 1 hour
will not be able to online tine chu 3
feel boring can't online~

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