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Today I just been through a bad and moody day ba..
I went JJ with my mum d..
But I didn't buy anything..
Seem like things that I wan don't have my size..
Then about my mum..
really like mou ngan tai lidat lo..
Afterward I was really totally no mood to go on shop with my mum..
We go to supermarket buy some junk food too..
Later when i went back home..
I on9 and blah..
Something dissapoint me..
Maybe just I having too high expectation and I didn't get what I expect?
So I guess I just need to be 习惯 of what i having now..
Then I got a call..
==I just wonder why he call me..
For remind me?
I didn't that will be any necessary..
I dunno why I really not happy after talk fon with him lo..
He ask me to drive to the destination d..
And I was like..
Ok I admit am I too stupid tooo not even to drive?
This morning I tell my mum to let be me drive out..
But she didn't let me..
Go on with the driving and drive damn fast lidat..
huh==..wat The..
Am I just a coward
Later my mum also thought someone will fetch or somehow..
I tell her..

Then I angrily left house..
I find some others people to fetch me lor!
ok lo..I went there..
Everything is fine..
Meet my friend sister and chat a while..
After the practice..
Lagi I mengamuk..
My mum was saying thought got someone fetch me go
Then later she will fetch me back d..
But she went to eat..?
When I was calling her..
She was telling me she just went to dinner and didn't even wait for me..
And I ask her why don't you come and fetch me first only went to dinner??
WAT the hell...
Everything is really turn BAD!
Now reach home..
relief because get away from outside stuff..
Really not a happy day for me..

I want this handphone~love it~~
KV600 White LG ice-cream 2__

This was so cute..
actually i quite not sure which color to choose..
pink color then scare too girly for me..
or blue?cool color..
but but not cute color..
OMG..headache lur..
Then how boout white?
Then I scare it will easily get dirty or how..
ah~~~I really don't know which color should be choose..
That was so cute!!
But I am not sure is it out in Malaysia or not><

1 comment:

  1. Don't be so moody ya...
    Stay happy oh...
    Finally saw the phone picha...
    Reali so cute ~


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